Our Home Loan Process

Let’s go over the 5 steps to buying a home so you know what you’ll need to do before going to the closing table.


Your needs. Our ears.

This is where we talk it out and nail it down: which home loan is right for you.


Make it happen.

You can apply right over the phone. One of our knowledgeable Home Loan Specialists will take all your info and answer any questions you may have.


Get your docs in a row.

The paperwork that shows your financial status: paystubs, W2, tax returns, bank statements, credit, etc.


We’ll take it from here.

Hooray, you applied. Here’s where the underwriters do their thing then make their decision about your home loan.


The home stretch.

Ready, set, sign. Take care of the signatures and closing costs and you can call the place yours.

Home Loan Options

Review Your Options

We offer a wide range of home loan options. Find the option that works for you.

See Your Options

Find a Home Loan Specialist

A Home Loan Specialist can answer your questions and help you to close on time.

Find An HLS

First Time Home Buyers

Daydreaming about buying your first home? We’ve been there. Let’s make that dream a reality.

Download Guide

Home Loan Resources

Home Loan focused resources to help you succeed.

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